This goal follows Ratings are Forever when choosing Speech I'll meet him/her.

People Involved


Arnie has received a mysterious call from Rival, who has asked to meet with you at The Leaky Cantina in the Neighborhood. You have accepted their invitation.

  • Task Go to your meeting at The Leaky Cantina

Rival will say that they want to make things fair - beating you legitmately for the 0707 role! So they want to give you some inside information that they have regarding Susan Mulgary.

You have the options to say:

  • Speech what information? Energy 7
  • Speech I have information Energy 7

If you choose "I have information", your Rival will ask what kind. You have the options to say:

  • Speech say what you know
  • Speech give false info

Goal Reward

+20Cash +20XP

Following Goal

Meeting Mulgary

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