Ai Wang
Gender Female
List EList E-List
Occupation Maitre D'

Ai Wang will be at the entrance of Le Petit Cheval restaurant located on Point Dune in The Coast.

Background Trivia

Ai Wang is a Maitre D', meaning "Dining Room Assistant", at Le Petit Cheval where she will or will not allow you to dine there. You can charm your way in for Staricon1.

Miguel Morilaglu is sure she is cheating on her boyfriend and he wouldn't be surprised if Max Bling doesn't always have a table available... But you didn't hear that from him.

Related Goal


Le Petit Cheval
I'm sorry, but we require reservations. You're welcome to apply to our waiting list, but it's currently 6 months.

1. Speech use your charm Staricon1
2. Speech make a scene
3. Speech leave quietly

1. Ah! (Your Name)! My sincere apologies, I did not recognize you. I have a table for you right here...
Speech ok

2. Perhaps you'd be more comfortable at a bar in Cromptown? Please leave before I call the police.
Speech leave quietly

Free Agent
Welcome to Le Petit Cheval. We are completely booked, I'm afraid.

Speech meeting Max

Ah, yes of course! Monsieur Bling is waiting for you at his table.
Speech ok

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