The Beach House is located on The Coast on Pacific Beach Hwy. It has two rooms, one with an adjoining patio.

Lisa Reynolds will sell it to you for Cash30,000. Owning this house while having Max Bling as your agent could allow you to have a "home base" on The Coast instead of in the Neighborhood.



Party: Up to 6 people.

Pets: all


Action Cost Reward
Admire the view Energy1
Get a cool drink Energy1
Wash dishes Energy3
Walk on the beach Energy4


First Room

  • Panaphonic 46" tv - Cash1000
  • speakers - Cash150
  • retro couch - Cash1600
  • chic coffee table - Cash650
  • retro lamp - Cash500
  • deluxe chair - Cash350
  • matching deluxe footrest - Cash150

Second Room and Patio

  • retro ottoman - Cash50
  • retro patio chair - Cash100
  • retro hot tub - Cash1500

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