Bobby Blueford
Gender Male
List AList A-List
Occupation big-budget
horror movie actor

Bobby Blueford comes onto the scene as part of Step Into Bobby's World, where Leah Robertson will ask you to meet Bobby in New York to convince him and his entourage to party at Club Coco. Later, if you accept to co-star in his directorial debut, Extraordinary People, you will meet him on set.

Bobby's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Bobby Blueford is a horror movie star who starred in movie called "Sundance". Bobby and his entourage have parties at Club Venus, who treat him and his crew well.

Related Goals


Step Into Bobby's World
(Your Name), right? I can't believe we've never met! I really liked (Name of Project), by the way.

Speech return compliment

Thanks!maybe we can get a project going sometime...
Anyway, what are you in New York for? I'm heading back to LA soon, myself. I'm thinking of partying at Club Venus when I get back - you should come!
Speech mention Club Coco

I don't know... Venus always treats me and my crew right.
Speech persuade him

Well... I'll tell you what. I have a film I want to make - my directorial debut. It's a drama called "Extraordinary People" - starring me... but I also need a co-star.
Most of the people I know are too afraid to be in something a little more "indie" than they're used to.
Be in my film and I'll try Club Coco.

1. Speech do film
2. Speech no thanks
1. Nice! Okay, then. I'll have my agent get in touch with yours, but we start filming in 24 hours.
Speech ok
2. ?
Extraordinary People
I can tell this will be a hit! Drop by Club Coco sometime after we're done filming...

Speech ok

Party for Five
(Your Name)! This place is great - and the bartender's hot! Party with me!

1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks

After party

I'm definitely coming to Coco more often!
Speech ok

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