Brandon Marlo
Gender Male
List AList A-List
Occupation Acting Legend

Brandon Marlo first comes on the scene as part of In a Tiff, where George Spieler has asked you to convince Marlo to come back to work after he walked out over his lines being changed. Later, you have the opportunity to star in a movie he has directed himself, as part of By the Riverfront.

Brandon's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Brandon Marlo is an acting legend who has starred in The Godparent and A Streetcar Called Desire. Brandon is a pain to work due to big ego and explosive temper.

Related Goals


In a Tiff
Oh! Look who's here! I suppose our director gave you some spiel... er about how I stormed off and now you're here to pull me back in?

Speech sure...

Well, you can forget it! I have more talent in my pinky toes than both you and that hack of a director!
There is nothing you can do for me...

1. Speech forget it
2. Speech I'm a fan!

1. ?

2. Really - err... I mean: of course you are! Which film do you think I shone most in?
2a. Speech The Young Tigers
2b. Speech The Godparent

2a. ?

2b. A fan favorite, indeed! But I don't see what you could possibly do to get me to come back...
2b1. Speech I'll reduce my lines
2b2. Speech I'll pay you

2b1. Fewer lines means less screen-time for you...

Less screen-time for you means more for me. I like it - um... for artistic reasons! Tell Spieler I will read his rubbish line if I also get some of your better lines as well.
I will see you on set, (Your Name)! Speech are you drunk?

No! I am merely method acting... while intoxicated.
If only the world knew what an influence I am on you...

Speech ok...

b2. ?
TIFA Interview

When giving Brandon Marlo a shout out in Interview

(Your Name)! I happened to catch your red-carpet chat with Ray Powers. I'm not surprised to see that my influence reaches to this generation's stars; your work on our last endeavor was almost impressive.. Speech Uh huh...

And seeing as you has the presence of mind to thank someone who matters, rather than blandly thanking people as inconsequential as... I don't know... your parents... for your success...
I have decided to offer you a role in a film I intend to both star in and direct.

1. Speech oh... Energy 8
2. Speech Come back later

1. It is the story of an aging boxer trying to deal with life after the ring. I can promise you that it will be the learning experience of a lifetime!
What do you say?
a. Speech I'll do it
b. Speech no thanks

a. There was never a doubt you would answer differently! We will begin filming in 24 hours. Do not be late!
Speech ok

b. ?

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