This goal follows Central Park East.

People Involved


After filming Central Park East, go to The Fairlady Hotel and speak to Simon Thurgood at the bar. Simon will ask how you enjoying your stay, you can answer yes or no.

You then have the options to say:

  • Speech be my manager
  • Speech leave quietly

When asking Simon to be your manager, he will say you have revealed your ambition and career management is a choice. Simon will go on to say that he i no one's "manager" and Hollywood's elite go to him for advice and should he feel like giving them any he will provide for it a price.

You have then options to say:

  • Speech get advice Staricon 5 or Staricon 8
  • Speech not right now

Note: The price of Simon's advice depends on whether you choose Speech yes or Speech no to his first question. Speech yes will give you lower price of Staricon 5, while giving the answer Speech no will give you the more expensive price of Staricon 8.

When asking for advice, Simon recommends you expand yourself into the realm of business. You're admired for your fashion sense, your own fashion line seems a good place to start and you're in luck! Your acquaintance, Miguel Morilaglu is expecting you.

  • Task Talk to Miguel at Narcis

At Narcis Fashion Boutique, Miguel has received a call from Simon Thurgood, who told him all about his plan to get you into the fashion industry. Miguel is beyond excited and will work his magic in your clothing!

Goal Reward

+40Cash +40XP

Following Goal

Clothing on the Line

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