This goal follows Career Move when choosing Speech get advice.

People Involved


Miguel will create a masterpiece of the fabric in no time and it will be gorgeous!

  • Task Task: help with design
  • Task Task: cut fabric
  • Task Task: let Miguel work his magic
  • Task Talk to Simon Thurgood in New York
Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward
cut fabric 5Energy 5XP
help with design 9Energy 9XP
let Miguel work his magic 10Energy 10XP

Complete the actions avaialble at Narcis Fashion Boutique. Once completed, go to the Fairlady Hotel in New York and Speak to Simon Thurgood.

Goal Reward

+60Cash +90XP +2Energy

Clothing Clothing Reward

Starlet Star

Following Goals

Wear Yourself Out
Project Runaway

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