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People Involved


Visit your agent and he'll tell you that he has a script for what will probably be a smash-hit comedy called Crazy Frat House. Also, the executive producer says she wants you for this. You have the option to say yes or not interested.

If you say yes; it starts shooting in two days. Your agent will call you when it's time.

  • Wait for call; film movie


Crazy Frat House (Hills Movie Studio)

1. I've just been invited to pledge for the Tri-Lambs!

2. I'm going to win the Greek Games and land me a cutie!

Available Actions

That's a Wrap
Crazy Frat House will premiere in 12:00:00.
3 Star Rating: +450Cash +90XP

Goal Reward

+750Cash +25XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Time is Money

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