This goal follows Publicity Stunt.

People Involved


Charlene has told you need to manage your image, starting with that situation with Rival. To solve the problem she wants you to be seen out dating someone else who's not an actor, not in the biz.

  • Task Date someone who isn't famous

Find someone in The Leaky Cantina or Mr. Sushi, Heart1flirt with them & get their number. Once you have obtained the contact, go to a bar or club and invite them via the DateIcon and selecting the contact you would like to go on a date with from the list. Alternatively you can date a Facebook/Game Center friend.

After the date, head back to Mr. Sushi and speak with Charlene again. She will give the following options;

  • Speech keep dating
  • Speech date a friend
  • Speech find someone else

Your following goal is dependable on the answer given.

Goal Reward

+50XP +3Energy

Following Goal

Keep Dating: Keep Dating
Date a Friend: Date a Friend
Find Someone else: Date Someone Famous
Big Break
The Reapening