Edward Hacker
Gender Male
List BList B-List
Occupation Director
Edward Hacker first comes onto the scene as part of The Reapening.

Background Trivia

Hacker is the Director of The Reapening, who's vision for the film is sheer horror with lot's of fake blood... It will be very red.

Related Goals


The Reapening
(Name), (Name). I hope you're happy to join our little cadre. Are you ready to help realize my vision?

1. SpeechI'm ready Cash+10 XP+20
2. SpeechYour vision?

1. Good, good. It will be a twisted web we weave. It will not be appreciated, liked, or even understood by all. Perhaps not even ourselves.
a. Speech ok
b. Speechhuh? Cash+10 XP+10

a. (Ends conversation)

b. That's it exactly! The audience must be perplexed... to comprehend is to extinguish.

2. My vision? Yes. A vision of sheer horror. Some shear horror, too. But this is horror of the human mind. There will also be lots of fake blood. That stuff is great. My vision is very red.
Speechok Cash+10 XP+20

The Re-Reapening
(Your Name). Good to see you again. Our previous collaboration was an adequate masterpiece of the mind. It is time however, to redouble our efforts. It is time to use twice as much fake blood.

Speech ok +34XP +2Energy

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