This goal follows Seriously Silent.

People Involved

  • Agent


It appears you've impressed Mr. Seville! He thinks you are right for the role in Remembrance and also asked your agent to thank you for the suggestion. Your agent will tell you that Seville wants to take some time before the film shoots, or your agent could work their magic and get him to start sooner if you'd like.

You have the options to say:

  • Speech 1 hour Staricon 6
  • Speech 24 hours

Filming will start depending on which answer you choose. Your agent will call you when it's time to head down to the studio.

  • Task Wait for call; film Remembrance

New Starnews Story... Starnews


Top of Facetome

You like him/her, you really do! (Your Name) has edged out...
Rival to become the most "liked" person on Facetome...
after the news he/she will star in Cecil D. Seville's upcoming silent film.

+187,504 fans

After filming, head to Starbeans in the Neighborhood and you will find your Rival standing outside. They are sour about you becoming the most popular person on Facetome, so they have a proposition for you. They want to make a bet: whoever gets the most 5-star rating on science-fiction projects gets the role in "Star Battle: Episode VII" and an extra boost in experience and cash, meanwhile the loser will let the other have the role. You have the choice to accept or decline.

If you accept, you're not a total chicken and they will ask how many sci-fi films do you think you can get a 5-star rating on. The more you pick, the more experience and cash you will earn. You have the options to say:

  • Speech 1
  • Speech 2
  • Speech 4

Your following goal is dependable on your choice.


(Property of Rising Star Studio)

Line 1: ...

Line 2: ...

Time Limit: Time 24 Hours
Genre: Drama
Energy Used: Energy 335
Blue Stars Needed: BlueStar1 235

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene 1Energy 5Cash None
check the gate 1Energy 5Cash 1XP 7BlueStar1 Professional
grab bagel 2Energy 2XP 1BlueStar1 Foodie
lighting check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
sound check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
take one 3Energy 10Cash 1XP 1BlueStar1 None
cry on cue 3Energy 5Cash 2XP 3BlueStar1 Dramatic
check makeup 4Energy 15Cash 1XP 4BlueStar1 Vanity
take two 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 3BlueStar1 None
do a scene together 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 5BlueStar1 1Energy None
take three 7Energy 15Cash 3XP 6BlueStar1 Professional
throw tantrum 8Energy 10XP 5BlueStar1 Dramatic
grey hair for epilogue 8Energy 20Cash 2XP 7BlueStar1 The Look
film heartwarming ending 12Energy 30Cash 6XP 11BlueStar1 Dramatic

That's a Wrap!
Remembrance will premiere in 24:00:00.

5Stars: +1500Cash +300XP

AList +3,375,000 fans

Goal Reward

+20Cash +50XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Dependable on Choice

Speech 4: A Hefty Challenge

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