This goal follows Hopeful Romantic.

People Involved


It's working! Someone on the set of that romance flick must have liked what they saw because the offers are flying in! The best is a shot at a key role in Lonely in Los Angeles, a romantic comedy, they're casting for at Rising Star Studio.

  • Task Wait for call; film movie

You have the choice to accept or decline this project. If you accept, the script will be available in 24 hours.

After filming, Arnie has two offers; "Our Son the Ninja" people have called and they want you for a second season! If that's not enough, you also have an offer for a new horror film, "The Spooky Basement".

Our Son the Ninja has offered you a signing bonus of 30Cash if you accept, but why settle for the small screen when you can be on the big one? You must make a choice; Our Son the Ninja: Season 2 or The Spooky Basement.


Lonely in Los Angeles
(Property of Rising Star Studio)

Line 1: It's amazing that you saved me from that mugger the day after I got dumped!

Line 2: Now I'm going to jealously misunderstand something you said until we're brought back together by your sick cat!

Time Limit: Time 12 Hours
Genre: Romance
Energy Used: Energy 205
Blue Stars: BlueStar1 175

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene 1Energy 5Cash Professional
chemistry with co-star 1Energy 1XP 1BlueStar1 Romantic
check the gate 1Energy 5Cash 1XP 7BlueStar1 Professional
grab a bagel 2Energy 2XP 1BlueStar1 Foodie
lighting check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
sound check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
take one 3Energy 10Cash 1XP 1BlueStar1 Professional
pretend cat is sick 3Energy 5Cash 2XP 3BlueStar1 Professional
check makeup 4Energy 15Cash 1XP 4BlueStar1 Vanity
do a scene together 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 5BlueStar1 1Energy None
take two 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 3BlueStar1 Professional
take three 7Energy 15Cash 3XP 6BlueStar1 Professional
throw tantrum 8Energy 10XP 5BlueStar1 Dramatic
predictable third act 12Energy 30Cash 3XP 10BlueStar1 Cheesy

That's a Wrap!
Lonely in Los Angeles will premiere in 12:00:00.

5Stars: +800Cash +150XP

AList +2,250,000 fans

4Stars: +600Cash +120XP

Goal Reward

+200Cash +150XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Dependable on choice
Our Son the Ninja

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