This goal becomes available as you seek representation from Max Bling. You must be an AList A-Lister and have The Re-Reapening in your line up.

People Involved


Head to Bling Talent Agency located on Point Dune in The Coast. Stacy Sitwell will tell you, Max isn't in right now, but is sure he would be interested in meeting you! He's having lunch at Le Petit Cheval, just down the street.

Before you can proceed to speak to Max, you must speak to Ai Wang, the Maitre 'D of the Le Petit Cheval.

Note: You are not prompted to do this goal.

After speaking to Max Bling, you can now have him as your agent! He will reside to his office in The Coast and all pending projects will go to Max.

New Starnews Story... Starnews


(Your Name) goes Bling!

Sources tell us that (Your Name) has signed on with Max Bling of Bling Talent Agency.Is this a sign we may be seeing him/her in bigger (if not better) movies in the future? We hope so!

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