George Spieler
Gender Male
List AListA-List
Occupation Director
George Spieler is a director.

Background Trivia

Some of his movies are "The Exploder" and "Black Inferno". According to Max Bling, Spieler's movies print money.

Related Goals


(Your Name)! Great script... The writer's temper is a little explosive, though. He wouldn't let me add more explosions to the final scene! Oh, well! Plenty in already, I suppose!

Speech ok

Star Battle: Ep. VII
(Your Name)! I think it's great that other-George has asked me to direct this film, and I'm happy he chose you as the star!

I know Focus thinks you do explosively good work. Why, when he told me who was going to get the starring role, he said...
"Spieler, I have a good feeling about (Your Name)...
My daughters think he's/she's great... and he/she can I act, I guess."
Speech ok

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