This goal follows Cougar City.

People Involved


Romance flicks are in and Arnie thinks you should do a romance movie.

  • Task Film a romance movie

Note: Arnie will call you with various projects that you may choose to take on, but read carefully when accepting these. In order to complete this goal you need it to be a "Romance".

You have the choice to accept or decline this project.

New Starnews Story... Starnews


Lifeguard Duty Cancelled

After 8 seasons, the last of which earning the lowest ratings in the show's history, Lifeguard Duty has been cancelled.
The addition of (Rival) in its doomed 8th season did nothing to help. Better luck next time, (Rival)!

+22,500 fans

Goal Reward

+50XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Fine Romance

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