This goal becomes available when speaking to George Spieler on set of The Time.

People Involved


There's a crisis! Brandon Marlo has walked off set because George Spieler changed one of his lines and Marlo refuses to read it! George would usually let an actor with a bad attitude go but there isn't anyone who can play the role like Brandon Marlo. You have to convince him to finish the film, he might listen to you.

George Spieler heard him mutter something about a dank bar... But remember: you must convince him to return to work before the film wraps up.

  • Task Find and talk to Brandon Marlo in "a seedy place where drunkards go to unwind"

You will find Brandon Marlo in The Leaky Cantina in the Neighborhood. Brandon Marlo will know you are there to take him back to set and will state that he has more talent in his pinky toe than both you and George Spieler. He will then go on to say there is nothing you can do for him...

You have the options to say:

  • Speech forget it
  • Speech I'm a fan

If you answer Speech I'm a fan, Brandon Marlo will ask you what film do you think he shone in most. You have then have the options to say:

  • Speech The Young Tigers
  • Speech The Godparent

If you answer Speech The Godparent, Brandon will say it's a fan favorite but he doesn't see what you could do to get him to come back. You then have the options to say:

  • Speech I'll reduce my lines
  • Speech I'll pay you

If you answer Speech I'll reduce my lines, Marlo will say fewer lines means less screen-time for you meaning more for him! And of course he likes the sound of that but for artistic reasons of course! He will go on to say to tell Spieler he will read his rubbish line if he also gets some of your better lines as well. Brandon Marlo will see you on set!

After talking to Brandon Marlo return to the Hills Movie Studio to tell George Spieler the news!

Goal Reward

+20Cash +20XP

Following Goal

The Time

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