Jerry Histin
Gender Male
List BList B-List
Occupation Blogger

Jerry Histin comes onto the scene as part of Plugging Away, where Charlene has arranged for you to meet. Later, After level 20, you will encounter him as part of "New Coat", where if you remember him, he will blog about you and gain you a significant number of fans.

Jerry's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Jerry Histin is a celebrity blogger and he's a darling at blogs!

Related Goals


Plugging Away
(Your Name)! I'm Jerry Histin. Nice to meet you. Let me start by saying The Reapening was great - loved it!

Speech great!

Anyway, I know we're supposed to talk about the project, but I really got you here to get some details on your beef with Rival. I heard he/she spazzed out on you...

1. Speech laugh it off +3Cash +5XP
2. Speech talk about movie
1. You've got a sense of humor about it! Rival sounds... unstable. Thanks for the info; I'll be sure to post something good about you.
2. You come here and expect not to be asked a few personal questions? That's a little naive, don't you think?
a. Speech you're right Cash+2 XP+4
b. Speech no
a. At least you're realistic about it. And, unlike Rival, you're willing to talk to me; I'll be sure to post something good about you.
Speech ok
b. Wow. Way to disappoint your fans... or lack thereof after I'm done with you. See you around.
Speech ok

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