This goal follows Face-to-face Time.

People Involved


Your competition for the lead is none other than your Rival, who is currently the second most popular person on Facetome! But Charlene has good authority that they paid their way to be top! There's one demographic you're missing out on, which can't be bought and votes more than any other demographic; the elderly! Charlene believes you win them over by meeting with Cecil D. Seville, whose making a modern silent film.

  • Task Speak to Cecil D. Seville outside of Le Petit Cheval

When meeting Cecil D. Seville he will ask what your interest is being in his film. You have the choice to say;
  • Speech for the art
  • Speech facetome

He will then ask you which title you prefer as he cannot decide. You have the options to say;

  • Speech love lost
  • Speech remembrance

Your following goal and movie title is dependable on the answers given.

Goal Reward

+20Cash +20XP

Following Goal

Speech for art: Serious Silence
Speech facetome: Seriously Silent

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