Lefty LaRue
Gender Male
List BList B-List
Occupation Baseball Star

Lefty LaRue comes onto the scene as part of Source material, where you have to impress him in order to get a role the Southpaw Confessions.

Lefty's appearance may vary from game to game.

Background Trivia

Lefty LaRue is a semi-famous pitcher. His ERA in his rookie year was 3.25 and if you know anything about Ol' Lefty, it's that he likes his brews!

Related Goals


Source material
You must be (Your Name). I'm Lefty. Pleasure to meet you!

Maybe it's just the booze talkin', but I like you already. But tell me this: do you know anythin' 'bout baseball?

1. Speech of course
2. Speech it's a sport?
1. Is that so? What was my ERA in my rookie year?
1a. Speech 3.25
1b. Speech your what?
1a. Somethin' tells me that was a lucky guess. But I still like you, and I know your work... and, if you know anythin' about me, it's that I like my brews.
1b. ?

2. Well, I suppose I could help you with that... and I do like your work - a lot!

So, I'll tell you what: if you can drink more than me, we'll have a chat outside about the part.
2a. Speech I can do that!
2b. Speech no thanks

Moves like Jager
Lefty's]] startin' to feel the beer. Time to break the seal... Why don't you go up to the bar over there and order some more brews - or "pints" if you will?

Speech ok

Outside The Leaky Cantina

So then I said... I said... nobody calls ol' Lefty "Sam Malone" and gets away... with... with - what was I sayin'?
Hell, you win. I'll tell my people to give the studio the green light, and they'll get in touch with your agent.
Speech thanks

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