Lou Pinelli
Gender Male
List Unlisted Unlisted
Occupation Mover

Lou Pinelli first comes onto the scene after speaking to Tony Devera about finding the movers. He claims that you said nothing about three flights of stairs and will not move your old couch up them unless you pay him.

Seemingly like a once off character, you later find out from Tony that he wrote a script. You can choose to pay for for it and make it into a movie.

Background TriviaEdit

Lou Pinelli is a mover who works for the Klum-Z Moving Company that helps you move into your first apartment. Even though he's a mover, he seems to have a knack for writing scripts.

Related GoalsEdit



You didn't say anything about three flights of stairs. Unless you want us to leave this thing on the street, it's gonna cost you.
1. Speech use your charm Staricon1
2. Speech move it yourself

1.Ok, ok... just this once - but you owe me one. We'll follow you back upstairs wit' yer couch.
Speech ok

2. (Tony wants you to charm him.)

You gonna head back upstairs? We'll be right behind you wit' yer garbage - I mean, couch.
Speech ok

Speak to Lou Pinelli

Hey you're (YourName)! Hope yer a better tipper than ya used to be...
1. Speech I am Cash100
2. Speech mention script

1. ?

2. So, that's where I lost that *$&#in' thing... what about it?
Speech movie deal...
Are you *$&in' serious right now? $#*@! I hit the jackpot! I mean... Yeah, you can have them rights to my magnum opus, but it'll cost ya.
a. Speech how much?
b. Speech forget it

a. Look, I'm not much of a business man - I didn't ever register my script with the Copyright Office or the Writer's Guild... whatever. Alls I want is a fully-paid vacation to New York City and some jinglin' change, ya know? All in all... $1,000 should do me just fine, heh.
a1. Speech accept Cash1000
a2. Speech no way

a1. This is a *$&#in' dream come true! Keep the script - do what ya want with it! I'm off to New York!
Speech ok

a2. ?

b. ?