Maumar Szyslack
Gender Male
List EList E-List
Occupation Bartender

Maumar Szyslack is behind the bar at Venus Night Club located in The Hills.

Background Trivia

Maumar is a bartender at Venus Night Club who will serve you drinks while mixing cocktails. Buying a beverage from Maurmar will cost Cash12 and in exchange he sell you information about people currently in the club for Staricon1 or Cash100, even though he doesn't gossip.

Related Goals


Venus Night Club
What can I get ya?
1. Speech get a drink Cash12
2. Speech no thanks

1. No problem. Anything else?
a. Speech gossip
b. Speech no thanks

a. I don't gossip. I do sell information.
a1. use your charm Staricon1
a2. tip Cash100
a3. Speech no thanks

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