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Max Bling

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Max Bling
Gender Male
List AList A-List
Occupation Star Agent of the Year

Max Bling is the agent you can switch over to when you reach the A-List. His office is on the Coast and he has a secretary. He is mostly found in his office smoking a cigar, however, in your first meeting you will meet him at the restaurant near his office. He's basically like Arnie, except he doesn't talk like him at all and he gives you longer jobs that get you more $ + fans. When you switch over to Max, you have to go to the Coast (Cash20 to get there) everytime you need to read a script. His office has a lot of clickables like the painting behind him, award on the left of him, painting on the right wall and the box on the right.

At some point in the story, Max will tell you about his new love Andree-Anne Sharlataine, a powerful executive. When you head to Paris to finalise the movie part details, you will find out that Andree-Anne is in an open marriage. She tells you that if you agree to keep it from your agent she will make sure you get a movie offer. When you get back to LA and talk to you agent, he will inform you that he is planning to ask her to marry him and tell you to film 3 romance movies.


Sometimes you can bump into Max at the Fairlady Hotel, if you talk to him, he'll offer to buy you a drink which gives you 1 energy.

When talking about Andree-Anne, he will comment that he'll have to stop saying "Freedom" instead of "French".


"I think I've found something I love more than money!"

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