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Max Bling
Gender Male
List AList A-List
Occupation Star Agent of the Year

Max Bling is the agent you can switch over to when you reach the A-List. His office is on the Coast and he has a secretary. He is mostly found in his office smoking a cigar, however, in your first meeting you will meet him at the restaurant near his office. (See goal: Free Agent)

He's basically like Arnie, except he doesn't talk like him at all and he gives you longer jobs that get you more Cash + fans. When you switch over to Max, you have to go to the Coast (Cash20 to get there) everytime you need to read a script. His office has a lot of clickables like the painting behind him, award on the left of him, painting on the right wall and the box on the right.

At some point in the story, Max will tell you about his new love Andree-Anne Sharlataine, a powerful executive. When you head to Paris to finalise the movie part details, you will find out that Andree-Anne is in an open marriage. She tells you that if you agree to keep it from your agent she will make sure you get a movie offer. When you get back to LA and talk to you agent, he will inform you that he is planning to ask her to marry him and tell you to film 3 romance movies.

Background TriviaEdit

Sometimes you can bump into Max at the Fairlady Hotel, if you talk to him, he'll offer to buy you a drink which gives you 1 energy.

When talking about Andree-Anne, he will comment that he'll have to stop saying "Freedom" instead of "French".

Related GoalsEdit


Free Agent
(Your Name)! Good to meet you. Stacy said she was sending you over. She's a fan of yours, and I'd be nothing without her. Wait, that's not true - I meant to say I wouldn't have a receptionist without her. But enough about her - how are you doing?

1. Speech not bad
2. Speech not rich enough
3. Speech great

1. Not bad. Not good? Not great? Not good enough, then. Interested in doing better? Interested in doing BEST?
a. Speech I'm interested
b. Speech huh?

a. Then you're interested in having Bling Talent - no wait, not just my agency, but me - Max Bling - represent you.
A. Speech let's do it Cash+20
B. Speech no thanks

A. Bam! Right on. I'll have Stacy set things up and I'll be calling you with A-list jobs in no-time, baby!
Speech ok

B. ?

b. ?

2. ?

3. ?

Starhomes Real Estate
(Your Name)! A "Lisa Reynolds" called about some commercial you said you were going do for her real estate agency...

1. Speech ok
2. Speech don't want to do it

1. Oh, so you do know about this? Next time, give me some notice - I'm the one who's supposed to be finding the projects for you, baby! Anyway, filming starts in 12 hours. I'll call you then.
Speech ok

2. ?

The Re-Reapening
(Your Name), baby. Good news: The Reapening 2 has been greenlit, and the studio's prepared to up your pay significantly. Who says sleeping with the studio head's assistant never pays off? Or maybe it had to do with Spooky Basement... either way. You in to do this?

1. Speech yes
2. Speech not interested

1. I knew you'd like that - new projects are the only way to stay famous! We start in two days - I'll give you a call when the script comes in.
Speech ok

2. ?

Face-to-face Time
(Your Name), baby. Did you hear the news? You're now the third most popular person on Facetome, the world's most popular social networking site!

Speech great!
And so is your timing: George Focus, the creator of the ever-popular Star Battle movies has announced that the long-awaited Episode VII is ready to go! While it's supposedly a return to the quality of his earlier work - if you're into that sci-fi stuff - everyone knows that he bases his casting on whomever his daughters happen to like... which means it's a popularity contest - a popularity contest you can show you've won by becoming THE most popular person on Facetome.
Speech how?
That's why you pay that publicist of yours! She's waiting for you down at Mr. Sushi.
Speech ok

Mind Complex
(Your Name), baby! I received a call from Mya Jeakob's agent today; she seems to think you and Mya are looking to get a project going together...

1. Speech yes
2. Speech don't want to

1. Good! Because she sent over the script for "Mind Complex," a film based on the semi-popular crime novel. This is going to be a nice little cash cow for you, baby!
Speech ok
Let's do this! "Mind Complex" starts filming in 4 hours; I'll call you then!
Speech ok

2. ?

Mind Complex 2
(Your Name)! "Mind Complex" did well enough that the studio wants to make a sequel; I took the liberty of telling them you'd be on board, but I can still get you out of it, if you want, baby.

1. Speech I'll do it
2. Speech get me out of it

1. Do I know my client or do I know my client? Okay. "Mind Complex 2" starts filming in 4 hours; I'll call you then!
Speech ok

2. ?

Crazy Frat House

I've got a script here for what will probably be a smash-hit comedy called Crazy Frat House. Not only that, but the executive producer - I'm also sleeping with her - says they want you for this, baby. You want it too, right?
1. Speech yes
2. Speech not interested

1. Another deal, another house. It starts shooting in two days. I'll call you then.
Speech ok

2. ?

Time is Money

(Your Name), baby! I'll admit, I don't have anything awesome for you right now. But it's only a matter of time! Time is money, and you're money! You're time! It's your time, baby! Let's get out there!

1. Speech ok
2. Speech huh?

2. ?

Crime Movie Time

How's my income-maker? Ready to make some more? Crime movies are hot right now. Like me. More importantly, if we can get you in some crime movies, I think I can get a lead on George Spieler's next project.
1. Speech ok
2. Speech Spieler?

1. ?

2. Who's Spieler?!? What planet are you from?!? Ever heard of The Exploder? Black Inferno? Those ring a bell?
a. Speech yes
b. Speech no

a. Right! This guy's movies print money, and we want in on his next printing press. Crime movies are the way to do it. Got it?
Speech ok

b. ?

The Fairlady Hotel, New York

Hey, baby! I didn't know you were going to be in town! I'm just about to head out to a meeting. I have to run, but let me get you something... on me. I don't have any small bills; so, keep the change!
Speech thanks Cash+100 XP+10 Energy+1

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