This goal follows A Surprise Meeting if you choose to meet with Rival.

People Involved


It's time for your meeting with Susan Mulgary, the director of the new 0707 film!

  • Task Talk to Susan Mulgary in The Hills

In order to proceed speaking to Susan Mulgary requires 9Energy.

Remember the information Arnie gave you about Mulgary: She's directed several dramas, including; Daughter of a Priest," and "Dark Destiny," as well as a few action films, including "Comborun" and "Deathmaker IV."

Mulgary is twice divorced after both of her ex-husbands were caught cheating in her - so don't mention marriage!

Susan says she's a vegan, but she's secretly not, and hates anyone who is a vegan. She claims to love theater but she doesn't and has no respect for anyone who does!

Note: If you chose Speechgive false information, when speaking to your Rival, Susan will automatically give you the role when meeting with her.

Goal Reward

+20Cash +20XP

Following Goal

Casino Skyrise

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