This goal follows Mya New Client and The Re-Reapening.

People Involved


Your agent will call you to his office, or you can drop by after filming The Re-Reapening.

They have received a call from Mya Jeakob's agent as she seems to think you and Mya are looking to get a project together. If you agreed, they have sent over the script for "Mind Complex", a film based on a semi-popular crime novel and it starts filming in 4 hours! Your agent will call you then!

  • Task Wait for call; film movie

After filming the movie, you'll run into Mya at Mr. Sushi, where you can be rewarded with +30Cash +15XP and fans.

New Starnews Story... Starnews


Friend Complex

Starnews spotted "Mind Complex" co-stars Mya Jeakob...
and (Your Name) enjoying some sushi down at Mr. Sushi!

+37, 502 fans


Mind Complex
(Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: So... to catch the killer, I must become the killer?

Line 2: But what if I am the killer...

Time Limit: Time 24 Hours
Genre: Crime
Energy Used: Energy 335
Blue Stars Needed: BlueStar1 335

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene 1Energy 5Cash None
remove sunglasses 1Energy 5Cash 1BlueStar1 Cheesy
check the gate 1Energy 5Cash 1XP 7BlueStar1 Professional
lighting check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
sound check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
take one 3Energy 10Cash 2BlueStar1 None
accusations fly 3Energy 10Cash 1XP 3BlueStar1 Dramatic
check makeup 4Energy 15Cash 1XP 4BlueStar1 Vanity
inspect the scene 5Energy 15Cash 1XP 5BlueStar1 Hero
do a scene together 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 5BlueStar1 1Energy None
apply bruises 5Energy 15Cash 2XP 5BlueStar1 The Look
take two 5Energy 15Cash 1XP 6BlueStar1 None
take three 7Energy 15Cash 3XP 6BlueStar1 Professional
throw tantrum 8Energy 10XP 5BlueStar1 Dramatic

That's a Wrap!
Mind Complex will premiere in 24:00:00.

5Stars: +1500Cash +300XP +1Staricon

AList +3,375,002 fans

3Stars: +900Cash +180XP

Goal Reward

+20Cash +45XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Mind Complex 2

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