This goal follows Source material.

People Involved


Lefty has offered you a deal; if you can drink more than him, he'll have a chat with you outside about the part.

  • Task Drink more "brews" than Lefty (complete "pint" tasks)

These actions are a series and can be found at the end of bar, near Lefty.

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
have a pint 5Cash 2Energy 1XP Barfly
have another pint 5Cash 2Energy 1XP Barfly
just one more 5Cash 2Energy 1XP Barfly
I love you man 1Energy 1XP Barfly

Once you have completed these actions, exit The Leaky Cantina and speak to Lefty.

Goal Reward

+12Cash +25XP +2Energy

Following Goal

See Arnie

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