This goal follows Who is this guy?.

People Involved


Head back to Narcis.

  • Task Confront Miguel at Narcis

After Miguel has apologized to you he'll offer to be your stylist and give you some clothing to purchase.

Speak to him again and he'll give you more clothing items available to purchase.

Morilaglu Clothing Line
Level Required Customizations Unlocked: Starlet   Customizations Unlocked: Star
Level 14 StarletMM1
Staricon 20
Cash 2000
Cash 2000
Level 15 StarletMM5
Staricon 25
Level 16 StarletMM6
Staricon 25
Cash 1500
Staricon 10
Level 17 StarletMM7
Cash 5500
Cash 5500
Staricon 35
Level 18

Level 19
Level 21
Level 22


Goal Reward

+10Cash +10XP

Following Goal

Mya New Client

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