This goal is available at level 12.

People Involved


Go see Arnie he has some BIG news! The Hills Movie Studio acquired the rights to the ever-popular "Double O-Seven": "0707" franchise! Someone over there likes you and you're on the short list to be the suave Jane Stock in the next 0707 film! It's down to you, Rival, Alana Straits and Mya Jeakob, (if you are a starlet), so you need to show them that when it comes to action, you're the boy or girl for the job!

  • Task Earn a 5-star rating on 2 action movies

After completing two 5-star rated action movies, Arnie will call you to his office. Your hard work has paid off! The short-list for 0707 has been whittled down to just you and your Rival!

It seems as though the director really likes your Rival. So in order to make the final decision, the director, Susan Mulgary wants to meet with you. Arnie will tell you "some things you need to know about Mulgary" and he even has some inside-scoop stuff that he managed to get from an anonymous source!

Arnie then receives a call from your Rival, asking you to meet with them at The Leaky Cantina.

You have the choice to accept or decline meeting with your Rival.

Goal Reward

+10Cash +35XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Speech I'll meet him/her
A Surprise Meeting

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