This goal follows Awards Night.

People Involved


Go and visit Miguel at Narcis in The Coast. A friend of his, Richard Stills, an elite, world-famous fashion photographer, is dropping by today for an impromptu photo shoot. There's just one small thing; Miguel has promised him he would pick up some salmon rolls for him.

  • Task Buy salmon rolls at Mr. Sushi
  • Task Talk to Richard at Narcis

Richard Stills has done a favor for Miguel and he now wants you to do one for him; pose for some racy photos for his "private collection". You have the choice to accept or decline this goal. If you accept, you unlock 2 items of purchasable clothing.

Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
salmon rolls 3Energy 20Cash 4XP 1Energy Foodie

Goal Reward

+20Cash +20XP

Clothing Clothing Unlocked

StarletMM2 StarletMMShoes1
Level 14

Staricon 40
Level 15

Staricon 50

Following Goal

Speech I'll do it: Showing some skin

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