Rival's Friend
Gender Male
List Unlisted Unlisted
Occupation None

Rival's Friend comes onto the scene as part of A "Real" Appearance, where you can speak to them on set.

Their appearance and name varies among players.

Background Trivia

Rival's Friend runs Rival's fan site and thinks they're a much better actor than you.

Related Goal


A "Real" Appearance
Hey! you're (Your Name), right?

Speech yes

OMG! I so totally don't care! I'm friends with a way bigger star - according to Rival's fan site... which is run by me.
Speech ok

But I want to make you... an offer...
Speech what is it?

Well... if you're willing to pay me, I can ensure your creepy, boy-scout friend doesn't get voted off the show. What do you say?

1. Speech ok Cash2000
2. Speech no deal
1. Rival was right... you are sort of a weasel. I'll be sure to make sure the boy scout doesn't get voted off.
Speech ok
2. Fine. I'll make sure the boy scout gets voted off as soon as plausible.
a. Speech it's "possible"... Energy10
b. Speech whatever (leave)
a. Yeah? Well... shut up! I totally knew that.
Speech sure you did +20Cash +30XP
b. ?

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