Sharon Lapin
Gender Female
List DList D-List
Occupation Activist

Sharon Lapin comes onto the scene as part of A Pet Project, where questions your intentions of being in Pet Palooza.

Sharon's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Sharon Lapin is an activist who runs a little organization "People for the Irreproachable Treatment of Animals", PITA for short. She is also friends with Miguel Morilaglu.

Related Goals


A Pet Project
Pet Palooza is murder! Pet Paloo - Hey! You're (Your Name)! Don't tell me you were actually thinking of buying an animal from there?

1. Speech no
2. Speech maybe
3. Speech already have
4. Speech who are you?

1. Yeah? Then what were you doing in there?
1a. Speech tell the truth
1b. Speech just looking
1c. Speech not your business

1a. Anything for a buck in this town! You made me big mistake! My name is Sharon Lapin, I run a little organization called, People for the Irreproachable Treatment of Animals.
I'm going to get a smear campaign going against you!
i. Speech appease her
ii. Speech go ahead

i. Talk is cheap! You need to help the movement...
iA. Speech make a donation Cash250
iB. Speech offer to be in ad

iA. ?

iB. You'd do that? Well, I guess more star-power would help... okay. Thanks. I'll be in touch with your people.
Speech ok

2. ?

3. ?

4. I'm Sharon Lapin. I run a little organization called People for Irreproachable Treatment of Animals. I hear this store sells exotic animals! Isn't that terrible?
4a. Speech no
4b. Speech yes

4a. ?

4b. Glad you agree. Would you like to help PITA out?
A. Speech make donation Cash250
B. Speech offer to be in ad
C. Speech no, thanks

A. ?

B. You'd do that? Thanks! I'll be in touch with your people.
Speech ok

C. ?

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