This goal follows Visit Warren.

People Involved

  • None


You're working a short shift at Starbeans by the Coast.

  • Task Make a cappuccino while on a shift
  • Task Make black coffee while on a shift

Time: Time 1 Hour
Energy Cost: Energy 35
Blue Stars Needed: BlueStar1 30

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
cappuccino 1 Energy +1XP +1BlueStar1 Caffeinated
clean bathroom 1 Energy +1Cash +1BlueStar1 Day Job
daydream 1 Energy +1XP +1BlueStar1 Day Job
hold breath 1 Energy +1Cash +1BlueStar1 Day Job
scrub 1 Energy +1Cash +1BlueStar1 Day Job
black coffee 2 Energy +5Cash +1XP +2BlueStar1 Caffeinated
combine 2 Energy +10Cash +2XP +7BlueStar1Caffeinated
steam milk Energy +2Cash +2XP +1BlueStar1 Caffeinated
use espresso machine Energy +2Cash +1XP +1BlueStar1 Caffeinated
avoid customers Energy +5Cash +2XP  +2BlueStar1 day job
espresso Energy +10Cash +1XP +3BlueStar1 Caffeinated
must wash hands Energy +15Cash +1XP +8BlueStar1 Day Job

Your shift is over.

5Stars: +40Cash +5XP

Goal Reward

+15Cash +10XP

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