This goal follows The Reapening & Big Break.

People Involved


Arnie will call asking you drop by his office. Once there he'll tell you about a lead in an upcoming sitcom about ninjas. He can get you a copy of the script soon, but before that try to get some sitcom experience under your belt, because ninjas wear belts, right?

  • Task Do a sitcom

Note: Arnie will call you with various projects that you may choose to take on, but read carefully when accepting these. In order to complete this goal you need it to be a "Sitcom".

After you've completed a sitcom Arnie will tell you that filming Our Son the Ninja starts in 8 hours. He'll call when the script is available.

New Starnews Story... Starnews


Our Son the Ninja: First Look

Channel 9's new sitcom, Our Son the Ninja, will begin filming in eight hours.
The studio hopes that newcomer (Your Name) will win audiences over when the show airs.

+113 fans

Goal Reward

+12Cash XP+25 Energy+2

Following Goal

Film Our Son the Ninja

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