This goal comes after Speak to Tony.

People Involved


Task Speak to Lou at The Leaky Cantina

When you find him, he mentions that he hopes you’re a better tipper than before, you will then get the option to tip him Cash100 or mention the script. When you tell him about the movie rights, he will say he hit the jackpot and that you can have the rights for a price. He just wants some money to go to New York and some pocket change (or jinglin’ change), which adds up to Cash1,000. If you pay him, he’ll tell you to keep the script and do whatever you want with it and he’ll leave for New York.

Go talk to Charlene at Mr. Sushi. She will tell you that it’s a great script. Charlene will go on to say that it would be hard to make due to it’s more “hardcore” subject matter, unless you want it made. Give her Cash7000 to make the movie. She will then ask you to choose a director. Then she will ask you if you want to choose a co-star or let her do it. You can choose to let her do it or take care of it yourself for Energy15. She will then tell you that filming starts in 24 hours.

Outside Rising Star studio you'll run into Alana Straits, who'll speak to you about filming Repo.

Goal Reward

Cash10 XP10

Following Goal


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