This goal follows More Work when you decline.

People Involved


Visit Club Coco in Downtown and speak to Leah Robertson the barmaid. Leah wishes the club was doing as well as you are. Business has been slowing down recently and all the stars want to go to Club Venus. It's probably because Bobby Blueford and his party-crazy entourage go there all the time. If Bobby started coming to Club Coco it may help business.

Leah will ask for your help to convince Bobby Blueford to party at Club Coco. You have the option to say:

  • Speech offer to help Staricon 5
  • Speech maybe later
  • Speech not interested

If you accept, you will have the following the goal.

Bobby Blueford will consider partying at Club Coco if you co-star in his directorial debut, Extraordinary People. Most people he knows are too afraid to be in something a little more "indie" than they're used to. Be in his film and he'll try Club Coco.

You have the options to accept or decline.

The following goal is dependable on choice

Goal Reward

+40Cash +40XP

Following Goal

Speech do film: Extraordinary People

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