This goal follows Take Off.

People Involved


After Speaking to Ray Powers it's time for your TIFA Interview! Brandon Marlo will be waiting to talk to you.

  • Task Task: praise director
  • Task Task: flatter co-stars
  • Task Task: hint at next project

Complete the actions listed in the goal.

Action Energy Cost Reward
praise director 8Energy 8XP
flatter co-stars 8Energy 8XP
hint at next project 8Energy 8XP

If you gave Brandon Marlo a shout-out as part of your interview with Ray Powers, Brandon will say he happened to catch your red-carpet chat with Ray! He isn't surprised to see that his influence reaches to this generation's stars; your work on our last endeavor was almost impressive...

Brandon Marlo will go on to say that you thanked someone who matters, rather than blanding thanking people as inconsequential as your parents for your success, he has decided to offer you a role in a film he intends to both star and direct. You have the options to say:

  • Speech oh... Energy8
  • Speech come back later

Brandon Marlo will tell you that the story is of an aging boxer trying to deal with life after the ring. He can promise you that it will be the learning experience of a lifetime! You have the options to say:

  • Speech I'll do it
  • Speech no thanks

Depending on what answer you give will determine your next goal.

Goal Reward

+100Cash +50XP +2Energy

Following Goal

Dependable on outcome

Speech I'll do it: By the Riverfront

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