By tapping certain objects, you will gain bonus CashCash, XPXP Points and EnergyEnergy. Tap on the rewards from these objects before they vanish to shorten energy regeneration time. One reward cuts 5 seconds.

Listed below are all the current tappable objects and their locations in alphabetical order.

Image Object Name Location Building/Street
BallerinaShoes Ballet Shoes New York Regal Theatre
LuckyCat Cat Statue Downtown Mr. Sushi
Cupcakes Cupcakes Neighborhood

Channel 9 TV Studio
Rising Star Studio

Dancer Dancer Downtown Club Coco
DragonHead Dragon Head Downtown Mr. Sushi
GreenCar Green Car Neighborhood Brockwillow
Lightbulb Lightbulb Neighborhood Neighborhood Apartment
Mask Mask New York Regal Theatre
MicrowaveOven Microwave Oven Neighborhood
The Hills
Neighborhood Starbeans
Hills Starbeans
Mouse Mouse Neighborhood Neighborhood Apartment
Mug Mug Neighborhood Arnie & Associates
PetPaloozaSign Pet Palooza Sign Downtown Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Pigeon Pigeons Neighborhood Brockwillow
PoolTable Pool Table Neighborhood The Leaky Cantina
SurveillanceCamera Surveillance Camera Downtown Broadview Ave.
Taxi Taxi Downtown Broadview Ave.
Mt. Pleasant Ave.
TrashCanTrashCanBlue Trash Can Neighborhood
Arnie & Associates
Broadview Ave.

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