This goal follows Comedy Cred.

People Involved

  • Agent


This is it! Channel 9 saw some of the projects you've been working on, and they want you to star in a sitcom! The director is really into you, so much so they are calling it The (Your Name) Show! Filming starts in 2 days, your agent will you then.

  • Task Wait for call; film your sitcom

After filming go see your agent. They will it's Festival season and you can cash-in on it! You've got two offers, the first is for a drama directed by Eddie Hacker and he wants to make something that's not blood-filled for once. The second is a character study about a girl who gets of prison after spending a lifetime behind bars, which will be directed by George Spieler. There doesn't seem to be any explosions in the script which is a bit of a change for him. It's up to you which movie you do.

You have the options to say:

Your next goal is dependable on which movie you choose.


The (Your Name) Show
(Property of George Spieler)

Line 1. Here I am in this implausibly expensive loft apartment in a strange new city.

Line 2: Hope I can find an offensive sterotype and someone of the opposite sex to hang out with!

Time Limit: Time 8 Hours
Genre: Sitcom
Energy Used: Energy 130
Blue Stars: BlueStar1 130

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene 1Energy 5Cash None
fish-out-of-water joke 1Energy 5Cash 1BlueStar1 None
have coffee 1Energy 1XP 1BlueStar1 Caffeinated
lighting check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 TV Tech
sound check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 TV Tech
practice one liner 3Energy 5Cash 1XP 3BlueStar1 Comedic
take one 3Energy 10Cash 2BlueStar1 None
check makeup 3Energy 15Cash 1XP 3BlueStar1 Vanity
do a scene together 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 5BlueStar1 1Energy None
take two 5Energy 15Cash 1XP 6BlueStar1 None
practice lines 5Energy 6XP 7BlueStar1 Professional
wait for applause 8Energy 30Cash 2XP 8BlueStar1 Cheesy

That's a Wrap!
The (Your Name) Show will premiere in 8:00:00.

5Stars: +500Cash +100XP

AList +1,500,000 fans

Goal Reward

+100Cash +200XP +2Energy

Following Goals

Film Manhawk
Do Some Projects
Big Comedy Cash-In
Speech The Time: The Time

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