This goal follows Film "The Life Sapling", after receiving the call from [[Charlene Channelle][ regarding your nomination.

People Involved


After receiving the call from Charlene regarding your nomination for a STAR award, visit Arnie. He will explain how to get nominated in the future and Charlene wants to see you to prepare for the red carpet!

  • Task Talk to Charlene at Mr. Sushi

Charlene will give you some advice for the STAR Awards.

Remember to be humble, remember who are wearing, what project you have been nominated for, which studio made it and a famous line or two...

Note: To get nominated in the future, you need to get a 4Stars - 5Stars rating on projects 8 hours or longer. If you do manage to get nominated Charlene will be sure to call you.

Goal Reward

+3Cash +14XP

Following Goals

Playing Dress-up
Magic Carpet Ride
Awards Night

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