Tobias Fontaine
Gender Male
List EList E-List
Occupation Bouncer

Tobias Fontaine will be at the entrance of Venus Night Club in The Hills.

Background Trivia

Tobias Fontaine is the bouncer of the Venus Night Club.

As good as Tobias thinks it's good to see you, he can't let you go in as they're at full capacity. He wouldn't even be able to get his own mother in there if that was something she wanted. You can charm your way in for Staricon1 and a week pass for Staricon5


Venus Night Club
(Your Name), it's good to see you. I'd let you go right in but we're at capacity.

I wouldn't even be able to get my own mother in here tonight... if that were something she wanted.

1. Speech use your charm Staricon1
2. Speech week pass Staricon1
3. Speech leave quietly

1. What am I saying? I'll kick some nobodies out...
enter club
2. What am I saying? I'll kick some nobodies out. Go right in, (Your Name).
enter club

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