Level 13
Flight Cost 150Cash
Sections 1
Buildings 0


Toronto is the first city you will gain access to via Los Angeles International Airport in The Hills. This area has one section, where you can film allocated projects, meet new contacts and Heart1date.

Background Trivia

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It's a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic CN Tower. Toronto also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities and zoo.


  • None


  • None

Related Goals



Available Actions

Reward amounts are approximate.

Action Cost Reward
read sign 2Energy 2XP 1Energy

Dating Actions

Reward amounts are approximate.

Dating Actions
Action Cost Reward Achievements

Tappable Items

By tapping certain objects, you will gain bonus CashCash, XPXP Points and EnergyEnergy. Tap on the rewards from these objects to shorten energy regeneration time. One reward cuts 5 seconds.

Image Object Name
Coffee Sign
Trash Can
CN Tower
Metro Newspaper Stand

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